Thursday, 27 February 2014

Winterblast Halls divisions in USA & Canada

Winterblast Halls started with the first compilation CD "Vol. I: Nokturnal Breed" with the idea to promote fellow musicians and their projects. Underlying had been a vague concept of how to distribute that first release all over the world by the featured bands...however this didn't work well, probably because it was just that: a vague idea and no real concept.

Now Winterblast Halls is back on track and launches divisions in 3 locations: Central Europe, USA and Canada!

The Central Europe division had been the one that had existed from the start, and therefore its distro list is the largest at the moment. With the production of patches for Funeral Fornication and Vorgum the divisions in the USA and Canada are going to start business as well. Of course it will take some time until they gather more items for their distro lists but you might already prefer to order from their locations because of better shipping conditions to your country. Eventually the three Winterblast Halls divisions will produce and trade individually so each will have some items (probably our own productions) in common but also provide stuff that you can't get from one of the other locations.

Today I've heard that at least the Funeral Fornication patches are already on their way, so it won't take long until you can order them! Pictures will be posted here and on facebook when the are available.