Winterblast Halls is a community label run by musicians. The idea behind the label is similar to the principle that the workers shall own the means of industrial production: the artists shall control the means of cultural production. By working together with other musicians instead of a third party it is possible to combine the benefits of self-production with the benefits of working with a label without suffering from the negative aspects that are inherent to these two usual options.

After starting out with only promotional services and two compilations (the first as a pressed CD and the second as a free download from our bandcamp page) Winterblast Halls is now beginning with the production of releases and merch items for the involved bands. At the moment there are three locations from which items are distributed: Central Europe, Canada and USA. Each of these divisions of Winterblast Halls will have all our own releases available sooner or later but run an independent distro service. The USA and Canada division are currently built up while you can already order from Winterblast Halls in Central Europe.

Official Winterblast Halls pages:
Winterblast Halls Central Europe
Winterblast Halls Canada
Winterblast Halls USA


If you are a musician and interested in opening a division of Winterblast Halls in another part of the world, get in contact!

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